Faculty of NursingDepartment of Nursing

  • The department trains specialists in nursing who have skills and abilities to practice nursing precisely on theory, knowledge and scientific grounds, so that people can live well, safe and sound at any level of health or in any circumstances. In addition to the curriculum in which nurses and public health nurses are trained, the department trains human resources who can be active in various fields by placing teacher training on the curriculum. In nursing, when human relations are established between nurses and those in need of nursing, it will be possible for nurses to give better support to them. Nursing is required not only to make much more of human dignity, and to take reassuring attitude and conduct, but in the act of nursing, to be ready for protection of human rights and use of ethical judgment.
    As the residents' health needs increase and a sense of values presents diversity, the demand for the specialists grows in complexity, it will be necessary for our university to satisfy these regional demands of nursing.
    Consequently, the department trains human resourses who are ready to contribute to health promotion and maintenance in the community through their creative and active studies, in collaboration with a wide range of fields and occupations, as well as through those of health, health care and welfare.

Faculty of RehabilitationDepartment of Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy Course
The physical therapy course is suitable for those who intend to be actively engaged in supporting the physically disabled or those prone to disability. The course aims at training physical therapists who are interested in the structure of the human body and its functions, earnest in their efforts to study hard in spite of difficulties they meet, and willing to put themselves in the place of others by volunteering to help them. PT provides therapy for people who have problems with mobility, by using movement and physical therapy. Therefore, students study anatomy and kinematics.
Occupational Therapy Course
Occupational therapy is intended for the physically and mentally disabled, children with developmental disorders, and the elderly. OT employs "activity" as a means to provide therapy, and looks at a wide variety of diseases through the fundamental functions of the brain. Therefore, students study the motion of the human body through anatomy and kinematics.
The course cultivates skills that are required in various fields such as hospitals, welfare facilities, and administrations. It is also relevant to those who intend to work overseas as Japan Overseas Cooperation volunteers, or administer occupational therapy to regional residents. The aim of the course is to use a medical approach to train professionals who can better the lives of people with disabilities.

Junior College(two-year course) Department of Nursing Care

Nursing Care Welfare Course
In this course, you can acquire basic knowledge of which are necessary for a person who works as a care worker and we aim for human resource development like who are needed by elderly people.
In addition, you can learn how to support for not only elderly people but also people with disabilities. Therefore if you study in this course, you can gain practical skills which can support all people who need help.
Care Worker Practice Course
This course aims to help students obtain credits to take a national examination for certified healthcare workers in two years with the on-the-job paid training program.
To assist students to cover the costs of two-year education, the course offers students positions working as paid trainee healthcare workers at care facilities in the afternoons after attending three classes at college.
Medical Office Work & Secretary Course
This course is intended for those who aim to be medical clerical specialists by obtaining some certificates showing their eligibility as medical office managers, pharmacy office management professionals, or dental assistants.
As welfare facilities are increasing nowadays, the course also can provide useful education and training for those who would be in charge of long-term insurance work, initial training seminars for prospective long-term healthcare workers, and practical training for current healthcare workers.
Welfare General Course
This is a course in which students are supposed to transfer from the course into the 3rd year at the University. The course aims at training human resources who can get a better idea of the field of social welfare through the integrated studies of nursing care at the college plus social welfare at the university. Upon entrance at college, to attain their goal students are expected to select among a list of qualifications they want to obtain, and to register necessary subjects for them. The adaptability to this course and the compoundability of the two courses are the keys to student's development.

Graduate School of Social WelfareCourse of Social Welfare Management

  • The course is intended for those who have already gone out into the world and have interest in a nursing care job, or plan to obtain a qualification for a care worker, or to work their way through college.