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Message from the President

Toshisada SuzukiPresident :
Toshisada Suzuki

Our institution, Shoken Gakuen, has for its motto the four virtues of sober earnestness, piety, sincerity, and kindness, coupled with Confucian jen or humanity. We aim at character education developed from the Confucian central virtues of : humaneness, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and faithfulness. With this jen, we get the sum total of all virtues as the founding philosophy. From the turn of the century through the Meiji, Taisho, Showa and Heisei era, a great change has been required of welfare education in line with developments in politics and the economy. The university is positive in offering intellectual and human resources to local communities, and in turn, in engaging with special lecturers and experts in their respective fields to conduct educational exchange with the community. The university also offers the general public a lifelong education as an open school for learning, free from the formalized sense of values. The university systematizes welfare, education and health scientifically and theoretically, at the same time organizing a welfare and health center for research and counseling for people of all ages, so that they will be on visiting terms with the university. The university is also eager to cultivate a sense of international awareness through international exchanges with China and other Asian countries, Europe and America.




1449 Sinology School (Confucianism) established as the birth of the Shoken Gakuen, by Shoken Nagao, a founder and remote relative of the present chairman of the board of directors.
1811 Seigido School established with buildings by Kageyori Nagao (President Toshisada Suzuki's greatgrandfather).
Succeeded to Japanese Confucianism of Ansai Yamazaki's Suika School with a motto of "honesty".
1908 Shoken School established by Kagemichi Nagao (President's grandfather). Confucianism (loyalty and filial duty) advocated.
1919 Shoken School renamed to Shoken High School by Taizo Suzuki (President's father). Suzuran Girls' Kindergarten founded as an annex to the school.
1946 Maebashi Girls' Commercial High School established by Taizo Suzuki.
1948 Maebashi Nutrition High School established by Taizo Suzuki. Suzuran Girls' Kindergarten renamed to Suzuran Kindergarten.
1960 Suzuran Kindergarten moved into newly constructed buildings, Motosoja, Maebashi.
1971 Toshisada Suzuki took office as 2nd chairman of the board of directors.
1989 Gunma Social Welfare Academy (GSWA) established with Nursing Care Course, Motosoja, Maebashi.
1991 Social Welfare Course founded at GSWA.
1996 Welfare Nursery Course founded at GSWA. Gunma Social Welfare Junior College (GSWJC) established with Department of Social Welfare (Nursing Care Major and Social Welfare Major), Kawamagari, Maebashi.
1998 Advanced Nursing Care Course established at GSWA.
1999 Research Institute for Oyomei Confucianism founded at GSWJC.
2000 Welfare Research Center founded.
2002 Gunma University of Social Welfare (GUSW) established with Department of Social Welfare (Social Welfare Major and Child Welfare Major).
Nursing Care Major of GSWJC renamed to Nursing Care Department of GUSW Junior College.
Volunteer Center established.
2003 Distance Learning Course for Social Workers established at GSWA.
Suzuran Kindergarten affiliated with GUSW.
2007 Graduate School of GUSW established with Course of Social Welfare Management.
2008 Gunma Medical Welfare Academy affiliated with GUSW established.
2010 Gunma University of Social Welfare renamed to Gunma University of Health and Welfare (GUHW).
Faculty of Nursing established at GUHW in Fujioka.
Graduate School of GUSW renamed to Graduate School of GUHW.
GUSW Junior College renamed to GUHW Junior College.
Suzuran Kindergarten affiliated with GUSW renamed to Suzuran Kindergarten affiliated with GUHW.
Gunma Medical Welfare Academy affiliated with GUSW renamed to Gunma Rehabilitation Academy affiliated with GUHW.
Welfare Research Center renamed to Research Center for Health, Welfare and Education.
2012 Faculty of Rehabilitation established at GUHW in Maebashi.
2015 Close a school in Gunma Rehabilitation Academy affiliated with GUHW.
2017 Distance Learning Course for Psychiatric Social Worker established at GSWA.
Suzuran Kindergarten affiliated with GUHW renamed to Suzuran Kindergarten affiliated with GUHW(Center for Early Childhood Education and Care)

Founding Philosophy and Educational Principle

The founding philosophy of the university is based on jen or humanity, the central basis of Confucian moral philosophy.
Our institution aims to cultivate humanity developed from the "five constant virtues" of humaneness, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and faithfulness. The university lays stress on its education designed to develop abilities and to strengthen character.
The university upholds Oyomei's (Wang Yang-ming's) doctorine of "the unity of knowledge and conduct" : knowledge is not complete until it becomes conduct, and conduct is not complete unless it is knowledge itself at work. Therefore, our university aims to instill into the mind of the student the importance of promoting the practical utilization of knowledge, and of cultivating rich human nature in the spirit of Confucianism.